Facts for Umbrella Birds

By: Isabelle Fiore


Have you ever herd about an umbrella bird? It is found in central South America. The most distinctive feature of the umbrella bird is the crest on the top of its head.


During mating the males fan out the crest so they can attract the female and have kids. Sometimes there long curved feathers get retracted making the umbrella bird more discreet the rest of the time. the umbrella bird has a wattle on its throat that can grow to be up to 35cm long. But the Bare Neck Umbrella bird stands out to be different by a feather patch of skin on it's throat.


The umbrella Bird is found throughout the tropical belt of Central South America. They can also be found in the low lands and mountain foot hill. During breeding season, they migrate(MOVE) higher into the mountains where they can find a mate. Umbrella Birds natural habitat is either the low or high attitude rain forest.


The Umbrella Birds our omnivores. There prey are fruit, frogs and insects. Its predators our monkeys, hawks and snakes. The Umbrella Birds toes helps it eat its fruit, frogs and insects.


Did you know Umbrella Birds has its own kingdom it is called "Animalia". Umbrella Birds are very unique and live in South America maybe you could study them one time.
Umbrella Bird