Down syndrome

by: Tajah Hardy

What is Down Synrome?

Down syndrome is a disorder made from a chromosome defect causing short stature and a broad facial profile (also called trisomy-21).


Caused by genetic problem related to chromosome 21. It involves an extra pair of chromosomes.


Long term effects

The long term effect of Down Syndrome are..

  • heart defects
  • vision problems
  • hearing loss
  • thyroid problem
  • leukemia
  • memory loss


There is no cure for down syndrome. Because of this the main goal is to control the symptoms of down syndrome.

treatment includes...

  • medications
  • surgery
  • counseling/support
  • regular checkups and screenings


  • people with down syndrome have 47 instead of 46 chromosomes
  • effects all races
  • the most common genetic conditions
  • October is down syndrome awareness month