Come and enjoy your amazing surprise!


So the first thing we will be doing is having a spa night. Having a relaxing night or day, watching a movie.


The movie is a secret. But, you will love it I promise. You will be eating delicious buttery popcorn and for your sweet tooth CANDY! And cuddled up will warm fuzzy blankets. So you stay warm and NOT cold.

Info You Will Need To Know!

Bring this and you will get a free spa day without a cost!

And tell me when you would be wanting this. I was thinking tonight but if that doesn't work just contact Melody. When that is all up to you I was thinking 7:00- 7:30.Bring your present that you got earlier today. So we can enjoy the stuff you got or I know you it will not be used!


Love you! You are a great MOM! I hope you enjoy your spa day. You do everything for me. You buy me stuff like: food, clothes, and more. And I know that is what a MOM is suppose to do but you are the best at it.

Love, Your Youngest Daughter