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Live a Life That You Would Like To Read About

There are some books that grab your attention so much you can't stop thinking about them. Maybe it's about a certain chracter that you like or dislike, or maybe what would you have done in a certain event, those are the times that I love about a book. They can make you fantasise about everything that its written on it. Then, there are the special settings that you would like to live in or visit. There are a lot of books that I've read that I would love to get into, that's the magic that they have. They make you believe on what they have or make you fantasize about every little detail in the story. That's one of the reasons that I love to read, no matter where you are you can read that book and suddenly be in that world no matter what's going around you. There are people out there who see books as useless and that they have no meaning, but for people like me they take that book and look at it with so much meaning behind it and get the most amazing life lessons that it has. That's why I respect writers, to make a book you have to put so much effort and a lot of imagination if you're trying to create a whole world around it and being able to say every detail to make people see what they're trying to say.

One of the quotes as a reader that I really like is "Live a Life That You Would Like to Read About"

It Is Worth It.

In a way I see reading books as traveling to different worlds, which if you read more books you can travel all around the wolrd. One of the many good things about a book. And they help you see the world in a whole different way.

And if you're really into them like me, you'll find them as an escape of the world because there are sometimes when you need a break and books really help.

You never know what you can get out of a book. Some people don't care about them but some of us cherished them because we know their meaning to us and it is something we all care about. To some of us its all we got, dreams that we know won't be accomplished but they're worth dreaming of.