Social Security

A big profit for the community

New Deal: Social Security

We have a very poor situation right now: People without a job have no chance to live in a place else as the Hoovervilles. Let us change that. We developed what we call Social Security: That means, that you pay a certain amount of the money that you earn from work to us, the government. We take it and give it to people that have no job, because of our job-situation, because they are unemployed or because they retired. We will also give your folks a lump-sum when you would die. Same with your wife: You would get a certain amount of money too.
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She needs YOUR help

Don't just watch. Imagine your kids would grow up in that conditions. Would you like that? No. Would they like that? No. Can you help? Yes. How can you help? Pay the Social Security every month and will not just help those people, it will also help you.

Social Security Administration