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Growth vs. Fixed Mindset-Part 2

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed the cultural awareness training this past week. Although the content was tough, it allowed for reflection. My key takeaways from the training:

  • Learning is the evidence of teaching
  • Children learn through relationships, not around them.
  • The struggle creates the strength.
  • Lastly, if our team fails, we all fail.

What can we achieve (our campus, us, our students) if we don't listen to our minds when it says quit? The sky is the limit and we can achieve it. After all, it's about our mindset. This week our students took snapshots. Some students are probably feeling like they aren't smart enough or some may already be feeling like quitting. Let's encourage our students and let them know that they can achieve anything if they set a goal and work towards it. We can do the same and this will be discussed in goal setting conferences this week. We are so excited to meet with each one of you to discuss your goal for this year. In a few short weeks, our students will begin goal setting in their data binders. Let's set the stage by getting them thinking about what they want to achieve academically here at CE.

Below are links of growth mindset videos for our students to view. Feel free to use these with students in your classes:

Grades 1-3 (Mojo from Class Dojo) https://youtu.be/FurzHXH_QZ0

Grades 4-5: https://vimeo.com/117900684

Have a great week!

Mrs. Young

Jeans Passes for the week goes to.....

A special shout out to

  • Mr. Zarzoza (4th grade)
  • Ms. Cox (3rd grade)
  • Ms. Cline (2nd grade)

For attending the district 9 week assessment vetting. Please see Ms. Lopez for your week of jeans passes.

Weekly CE Student Attendance Rate -97.31%

Remember that our goal each day is 98% attendance in each grade level. If students are absent for three days consecutively, please remember to place a phone call home to parents. Ms. Nunn and Ms. Galvan will be coming around each day before 9:00 am checking to see which students are absent so that we can check on them.

Thanks for all that you do!

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PLC This Week

Snapshot Data Digs

  • Items to bring to PLC: 1) 3 samples of student snapshots (high, medium, and low); 2) PLC agenda filled out 3) snapshot data from your students
  • We will provide: 1) Teacher data binders; 2) Testing 3-2-1 Review; 3) Data-student learning standard breakdown, campus breakdown by teacher

Upcoming Professional Development: Differentiation 101

Tuesday, Sep. 27th 2016 at 4pm

10210 C E King Parkway

Houston, TX

This meeting will be held in the MPR.

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Thursday, Sep. 29th 2016 at 6:30pm

10210 C E King Parkway

Houston, TX

*This performance will be held in the cafeteria. Come out and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with CE! Our students will be performing and we will have authentic crafts on hand for our participants. Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15th to October 15th, celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Carroll Elementary Live Binder

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