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The Crucible

His role in the Crucible varies from false to true. He was a "farmer"(Lugar), and he did think the "accusation of witches were all false" (Brooks). He was "married to Elizabeth Proctor" (Lugar), and did "live on the outskirts of Salem" (Lugar). In the book he was a 30 year old, and Abigail worked for him but Elizabeth fired her due to the affair. After she was fired" Mary Warren began working for them" (Lugar), which she actually did.

John and Abigail's "relationship"

There is no evidence showing that he had an affair with Abigail, which is what most of the book focused on. Abigail never worked for the Proctor family either; according to history "they hadn't even met prior to the witch trials" (Brooks).

The Truth

John was "60 years old" (Lugar), not 30

"Elizabeth was actually pregnant at the time she got accused" (Brooks)

Did NOT have an affair with Abigail

"Born in Ipswitch, Massachusetts" (Lugar)

Owned a "tavern in Ipswitch and farmed" (Lugar)

"32 people from Ipswitch signed a petition" for Proctor's innocence (Lugar).


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