Ads on Patrol

...enforcing your cause

Unique Advertising Business for Sale

$10,000 for everything!

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Police Vehicles get attention! Promote a service in which police cars publicize a message on the road

Perfect for:

* DUI Attorneys

* High-Risk Auto Insurance Companies

* Marijuana Dispensaries

* Missing Children

* Donut Shops

& More

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Everything is included to get the business up and running including:

2005 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

2000 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Custom Made Advertising Trailer

Fully Functional Website

Now-Trak GPS Unit




Both vehicles are police interceptor Crown Victoria's
(P71 models). The '05 which is blue in color and has 100,000 miles on it and runs great. The '00 which is the white car has 123,000 miles and runs good as well.

Both vehicles give than sinister police look. Spotlights, window bars, partitions, antennas, push bars and clear lights simulate a police car to a tee! Both vehicles have bolt-on tow hitches to pull the advertising trailer. Both vehicles have clean and clear titles. Both vehicles are legal to own and drive.


The advertising trailer is truly one-of-a-kind. Custom built from the ground up and features a large 72.5" x 42.5" advertising frame on each side. The trailer features high end components along the lines of stainless steels cables, screws, washers and bolts. High grade-aluminum flat black Di-bond panels and a shortened wheel base. The trailer has been tested at freeway speeds and operates perfectly.

Fully Functional Website

The website is fully operational and ready to go. Simply choose your domain name, link the website to the domain and it's set.

Now-Trak GPS Unit

This GPS unit can easily be placed inside either vehicle. Once installed it can be linked to satellites to show the vehicles precise location and past travel statistics. You then supply the client with a username and password for them to access the vehicles current and past travel history.


Drafted by an attorney. This business package comes with a complete "Sales Agreement" for you to duplicate and use for any clients you might obtain. It also comes with a "Salesman" contract if you wish to hire a salesman to bring in business.


Includes a PDF of a professional designed flyer for you to mail, drop off in person etc to potential clients.

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Below is how our flyer reads

We all agree, advertising is necessary for any business to grow and succeed.

Unfortunately, most forms of advertising are expensive and outdated. The public has been numbed by conventional advertising and need a new form of eye-catching media to grab their attention.

Ads on Patrol is that new Media!

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Police vehicles are easily recognized by literally every driver on the road. When spotted, people respond to them by latching their seat belt, reducing their speed, etc.

Imagine having your advertising dollar linked to that awareness!

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Your company's advertisement being publicized by one of our retired police vehicles. Every vehicle can be GPS-tracked in real-time at your leisure, for verification.

Our trailer is one-of-a-kind!

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Professionally designed and built using on the highest quality standards.


  • High-grade aluminum dibond panels
  • Custom shortened wheel base
  • Flat-black powdercoat
  • High quality aluminum frame holds your company's 72.5" x 42.5" advertisment

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Asking $10,000 for entire package

Currently my partners and I have many other projects going and simply don't have the time to promote this business.

Please contact Jeff Gerlitz if interested. 206-755-3278