Sales Promotion

By Cole Palmer

Premium Item giveaways

Premium Item giveaways are when you buy a ticket to a game and you get a free item when you arrive at the game courtesy of the team.

Example: Going to a Rangers game and getting a free bobble head

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Contest and Sweepstakes

Contests and Sweepstakes are when you go to a game and you can enter for a chance to win something such as an autographed jersey or picture.

Example: going to a Cowboys game and entering for a chance to win an autographed Dez Bryant jersey.


Sampling is when a company gives a sample of their product during an event such as a game or concert.

Example: Chick Fil-A giving out nuggets during the Chick Fil-A bowl.

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Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays are when companies put a product next to the checkout counter in a store.

Example: Big League Chew at the checkout counters at Dick's

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Special Events

When a company uses an event such as a bowl game to promote a certain product.

Example: a company promoting and selling a product at a college football bowl game.


A company giving out coupons to a discount on their product at games and concerts

Example: Papa John's handing out coupons at a Cowboys game

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