Sixth Grade News

May 22, 2015

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is May 27-28.

On Wednesday, May 27th, we will be at TVMS and students can eat hot lunch or bring their own cold lunch. If you are a parent chaperone and would like a hot lunch, please notify your child's teacher ASAP.

On Thursday, May 28th, we will be at Dawson Lake. All students need to ride the bus to Dawson Lake. Students are each responsible for bringing their own foil packet. Your child's name should be on their foil packet, then the foil packet must be in a ziploc bag with the name written on the outside of the bag too. This way, students can easily identify their foil packet from the cooler as well as when it's outside the baggie on the fire! If you are bringing in a cooler and ice, please bring that in on Wednesday. We plan to store the bags of ice in the deep freezer here, and having the coolers ready to go first thing in the morning on Thursday will help groups stay organized. We are encouraging each student to bring his/her own sunscreen and bug spray on Thursday for our day at Dawson Lake. Also, students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to refill throughout the day as needed.

Please contact your child's homeroom teacher with any questions.


We finished our final novel this week! Hard to believe the year is almost over! Next week we will compare the My Side of the Mountain book to the VERY OLD movie version!

Language Arts

In Language, students have been researching Greek Gods/Goddesses. They brought out their artistic talents and created a "placemat" of 8 Gods/Goddesses of their choice. They turned out fantastic! We have so many talented students! We are now creating our own Myths to end out the year.


We have finished our Hands on Algebra Unit! Now we will work with making generalizations in tables and writing linear equations based on charts of data.

Next week will work more with graphs and tackle Box and Whisker Graphs!

Continue to check out the blog for updates.


In science we have been prepping for outdoor education by discussing biodiversity, food webs, and classification. The students have also worked hard to identify tree leaves and animal tracks. I look forward to next week as we wrap up our unit and have a great field trip!!

Social Studies

We recently finished making a Greek Mosiac and tied our Greece Unit into Language as well!

Students used some time during Social Studies this week to meet with cooking groups in order to plan for Outdoor Education.

Days to Remember

May 25: No School

May 27: Outdoor Education at TVMS

May 28: Outdoor Education at Dawson Lake

June 1: Last day of student attendance, 1:45 dismissal