911 conspiracy

Backgound Information

On September 11, 2001 4 passenger planes were hijacked by groups of Al-Qaeda terrorists. Two of the four planes crashed into The Two Twin Towers, otherwise known as the World Trade Center Towers, in New York City. The planes explosions from crashing into the buildings killed everyone on board the planes and hundred of more people in side the buildings. The towers collapsed less than two hours after the first plane hit the one of the towers killing many more people. the third plane crashed into the Pentagon killing everyone on board that flight. A fourth plane that had also been hijacked had been rerouted to Washington DC. The passengers on board this plane, United Airlines Flight 93, realized that if they didn't do anything they believed the terrorists would try to crash the plane into the White House. Believing that they were going to die anyways the passengers on the plane rushed the cockpit of the plane, where the hijackers had barricaded themselves in and the plane, and the plane lost control and crashed in a rural field in Pennsylvania. After the attack the United Stated responded with "War on Terrorism" and invaded Afghanistan and proceeded to fight the Taliban, militants that fought with the Al-Qaeda terrorists, and hopefully end the "War on Terrorism".
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Amongst the 9/11 conspiracy there are two main types of criticism. These types of criticism are Cultural and Marxist criticism. The Cultural criticism comes from after the actual attack on 9/11. All middle eastern looking people were treated as if they had something to do with the attack on 9/11. When going through security or just walking on the street they were looked at as if they were carrying a bomb or part of an attack in the future. The next type of criticism is Marxist criticism. This is because of the conspiracy that the government had planned the 9/11 attacks and actually set explosives to blow up the buildings. The government could of done it for another reason to stay at war with the middle east.


There are two different types conspiracies in the event. One being that the government had a part in this or Al-Qaeda actually had a plan to do this. People believe the government was involved by planting bombs in the buildings and the buildings were specifically made to withstand a plane hit. The other one is that the 19 men did hijack the four planes and crash into the buildings, Pentagon and in Pennsylvania.


The Media strictly made look like that the only thing that happened was that the planes crashed. There was no media talking about the government involvement. I believe nobody thought that the government was involved with this at this time.

What I think actually happened

My thoughts on the 9/11 terrorists attacks are that they were organized by Al-Qaeda terrorists. I believe that people that think it was the government are using it as an excuse to think the government is planning to take over the United States and force the citizens into certain situations by using the military. I also believe that the Al-Qaeda terrorists are very wrong with everything they have ever done or said. I think that 9/11 should be used to bring the country together as one to fight back against groups like this to prevent it from ever happening again. I also highly disagree with even the thought of the government doing it because I think that as an American citizen it is my duty to help keep the same American dream that we have now. I believe that trying to blame things on the government will just make America suffer more and more as these things happen.
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9/11 Interview