Prince Of Thebes


work: Prince


contact info: 678-999-8212

Birthday: August 25 1995

Gender: Male

Relationship: Engaged to the baddest

Family Members: Creon, Eurydice


Ig: Haeimprince_thebes


Free Antigone Rally

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 5:30pm

The Castle

Come rally together to help free Antigone from prison through peaceful protest. Come support the one GIRL brave enough to defy King Creon's unjust laws. Event will include petition signing and sign making to hold in protest of Antigone's arrest.
Like if you think im cute. Inbox me if you wanna talk. Looking for my next princess of Thebes

Saturday, Dec. 21st 2013 at 3:30pm


Antigone committed suicide. I dont think I can live without her.
Status update: These past couple of days have been really hard
"How Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have"

I think about her everyday she was so strong defying the rules and I couldn't even defy my father. I blame myself everyday.