Hicks Math Times

2nd Grade

November 9, 2015

Please take some time to watch this video. What are your thoughts about it?
Boosting Math

September 18, 2015

Here are 2 short clips about exit tickets and using clipboard to assess and plan. You can respond if you have any comments on the google doc at the bottom of this newsletter.



September 15, 2015

It was great to hear about what's been going on in 2nd grade.

Here are a few snapshots of what I noticed today. Yay Rosa and Bertha!!

More pictures coming soon.

Online Professional Learning

I'm very excited to incorporate technology with Math Professional Learning! I hope this way we can continue to grow in our craft by supporting each other through professional conversations. I will try to send you all reminders and other information. This time I have included a video for you to watch. I would like for you to comment after watching it. I look forward to reading your comments. GO MATH!!


I realize we didn't have time to go over AVMRs on Wednesday. Please remember to look over the assessments, not just the score when you get a moment. This is very important information for your instruction.