What is the best Ecoreigon in TX?

Visit the beautiful scenery of The Gulf Coast Marshes Reigon

What are some features of the reigon?

For one, there are many water ways in this reigon. Including the San Jacinto River, Brazos River and many more. There are major cities like Galveston where there is the Gulf of Mexico which attracts lots of tourism around Texas and also worldwide. Visiting the Gulf Coast Praire\Marshes Reigon would be an excellent expirence for family and friends.

Creation of the Land

How was The land Created?

Some landforms include many waterways. The waterways are commonly visited by fishermen and many other people. The creation of these rivers were by weathering, erosion, and deposition. By the breaking down if rocks thats how rivers are formed. Deposition moved and carried away sediments and rocks thats how some of our landforms are made today.