The Werewolf Diet

By: Brian Gallagher


The werewolf diet also known as the lunar diet and the moon diet is a fad diet that centers upon users fasting according to the lunar phases. There is not a clear cut founder of this diet it just popped up and many people have tried it.

What is it?

The first variation of the diet is where you only consume water and veggie juice. It is performed on a 24 hour period on either the full or new moon. Another version is where you start fasting on the full moon. Another one is not eating after 6 pm.
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People who try it

Famous people who have tried the werewolf diet include, Madonna and Demi Moore. They try it because it is basically a juice fast or a general fast in general. Another reason why they do it because some individuals can lose up to 6 pounds in one day.
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