Integrative Curriculum Proposal

Connecting Science, Math, Literacy, and Technology

Changing How We Map Curriculum: Integration

Carson Elementary School needs to step up to meet the demands of the new Common Core Standards by adjusting our curriculum mapping methods. In order to give students the knowledge and experiences they need to retain their learning and excel both in school and in the "real world," it is vital that administrators and teachers work together to design learning units that integrate all subject areas.

Our goals for this new design include increasing student engagement in content, heightened retention of lessons, and improvement in scores on state and district assessments.

The New System

Who? What? Why?

Our current curriculum mapping system is not meeting the needs of our students. One or two people meeting to design the curriculum map for the entire district is not enough to consider the many facets of instruction necessary for this process.

Grade Level Teams will meet on a monthly basis to focus on mapping one month of instruction at a time in a given subject area. Administrators will meet with these teams to oversee the process, give advice, and to stay familiar with what is being covered in the classrooms. Teachers and administrators will collaborate to create pre and post assessments in order to anticipate student needs and guide instruction.

This will be an improvement on the old system because it will save time as different subject areas are integrated into high-quality units. It will also ensure that units are engaging (involving activities that cover all different learning styles) and cover the standards thoroughly.