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Titanium was first discovered as a black magnetic sand by Rev. William Gregor, an English clergyman and mineralogist, who named it "menachanite" after the local parish Menaccan. A few years later, M.H. Klaproth separated TiO2 from a mineral rutile and renamed it Titanium after the giants of Greek mythology. It was not until 1910 that M.A. Hunter successfully produced pure titanium. In 1938, W.J. Kroll patented his method for producing pure titanium metal. Two years later, the commercial production of titanium metal and TiO2 pigment began.
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An estimated 60% of all metallic titanium goes into the aerospace industry. Titanium is lighter than steel, but still very strong. Therefore, it is very valuable in the aerospace industry. Titanium is used to make engines and structural components for airplanes, satellites, and spacecraft. Titanium oxide is the white in white paint. Titanium has many unique properties, which makes it valuable in other areas. For example, it is resistant to corrosion by seawater, so it is used to make propeller shafts and other ship parts that will be exposed to water. Titanium is used for hip joint replacements because it is considered bio-compatible. Because of its strength, titanium is used for plated vehicles in the military. Titanium is also used to produce silvery-white sparks in fireworks!
Titanium - Periodic Table of Videos

Element in Nature

Titanium is found in many minerals, principally Ilmenite (FeTiO3) and Rutile (TiO2). Ilmenite constitutes 90% of titanium dioxide used every year. It is estimated that there is roughly 230 million tons of titanium dioxide from rutile and roughly one billion tons of titanium dioxide from ilmenite. Rutile and ilmenite are extracted from the sand. In the United States, most, if not all, of the titanium in sand is located on the beaches of Virginia and Florida. Even though the United States mines and processes our own titanium, the country still imports a significant amount from countries such as Russia, Japan, and Kazakhstan.

Why I Chose This Element

I chose this element because my Mother is the CEO and President of RTI International Metals Inc., which manufactures and distributes titanium to be used in markets including aerospace, defense, medical devices, and energy. It is a leading vertically integrated global supplier of advanced titanium and specialty metal mill products, parts, specialized engineering and other services.
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