Newsletter for Employee Health Promotions Committee Members

February 2017 Edition

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10K-A-Day It's Not Too Late to Participate!

10,000 Steps = 5 Miles! That's the GOAL Each DAY in February.

Our quest began on Wednesday, February 1st, but that doesn't mean individuals can't still sign up! In fact, we encourage you to create opportunities for your building staff to join in. They may have seen their peers walking together or overheard conversation about number of steps taken, use that to build interest. it is NEVER too late to promote employee well-being.

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Resources for 10K-A-Day Promotion in Your Building

Site Allocations for 2016-17 School year

Allocations are given to each site on an annual basis.

Site Representatives are encouraged to use these funds in the following ways:

A. hosting wellness events or classes which serve all employees of your site

B. supporting participation in District-coordinated EHP events such as 10K-a day,

Bike/Walk to Work or Shake it Up Challenge

C. rewarding site employees in achieving wellness goals

Invoices and Receipts must be turned in to Jan Lundquist within 1 week of receiving. Gift cards can not be awarded and sales tax can not be paid or reimbursed. (auditor regulations)

District Awarded Incentives at Conclusion of 10K-A-Day

  • yoga mats
  • drink cups
  • cooler bags
  • herb garden container
  • Cook Light Pick Fresh Cookbooks
  • Cine Grand Movie Passes
  • State Park Stickers
  • Pedometers
  • St. Paul Hotel 1 Grand Prize

Tip of the Day

The EHP FYI is a printable document. Why not post this news in your employee breakroom? We have nothing to hide!

Other Items to Promote

  • MAPS Community Education and Recreation classes and events are advertised in the seasonal brochure each Fall, Winter and Summer. Employees are eligible for a $10 fee reduction for a class in each brochure. Each individual must register and provide their employee email address and work site. Contact the CER office at 507-387-5501 Current Winter Brochure. Key Offerings: Water Aerobics, Water Walking and Lap Swim: M/W nights, 7:30-9:00pm, instructors Pam Schreiner and Lexy Wenzel. MASTERS Swim: competitive style workouts for all levels, T/TH mornings, 5:15-6:45am
  • Vital Worklife Employee Assistance Program. The program is geared toward recognizing an employee's problems and helping to find appropriate help. This service is confidential and is available to both employees and members of their household--at no cost to you. Their phone number is: 1-800-383-1908.
  • READY! for Kindergarten. At the time of a requested paternity/maternity leave, the employee is given a gift certificate entitling them to two (2) years of READY! for Kindergarten Classes advertised in the seasonal Early Childhood Brochure. Registration is conducted through the Early Learning Office by submitting the gift certificate and completing the paperwork process.
  • Employee Walk and Bike Day. May 10 2017
  • Shake It Up. End of May 2017
  • Wellness Book Study through Summer 2017 Learning Academy
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What's Next?

1. Watch for your next EHP FYI in March. Final tally for 10K-A-Day will be shared!

2. If you have questions, comments or ideas = Share them with us here

3. Help promote the year's events and build excitement within your team