The Treasure State

Welcome to Montana.

Montana got its nickname from long ago when some people found gold. They called it the Treasure State. Many treasures were found in the land. Besides gold this state has patroliam, Natural, gass, coal, rich farmland, and, millions of acres of land.


The land in Montana is 145,388 square miles. It is known for many mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, and also some of the great plains. The most famous mountains in Montana are the Rocky Mountains.

Two Important National Parks in Montana

Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park are located in Montana. Glacier National Park has over 250 lakes. Yellowstone National park is the first one in our country.


In Montana there are 22,000 farms and ranches.They have sheep and cows there.They also have wheat, hay, barley and oats. Another important job is mining. They mine for copper, silver, led and zinc. They also do a lot of logging for pine, fur and spruce trees.

What they can do for fun

Montana brings millions of people there because they have winter skiing and summer and winter Carnivals to go to. Lots of people come there usually in the summer. I think they go there more in the summer because it is hot out and they can see some of their family. They wouldn't want to come in the winter to see there family for some people because it would be too cold. But some families like to go there in the winter to go skiing. If I had choose I would choose to go there in the summer because it would be warm and it wouldn't be cold.