12 Genres

By:Luis Portillo


It’s a Fiction story that excites you and scares you for your entertainment.

Auto Biography

Autobiography -A Non-Fiction story about their life.


memoir is a event or moment that happened in the author's life.


Is based on a book that makes you laugh

Realistic Fiction

Its something that happened in real life so people so they know the meaning of people we talk about today.

Historical Fiction

Stuff that is important that happen a long time ago.


Is a world that everything is make believe and you can put anything in it from Castles,Princesses or even 3 headed dogs.


Its based on a fast pace action and lots of stuff affecting the main character


Its all about stuff that happens and most people don't know about and leads to investigation.

Science Fiction

Its Fiction based on stuff that is connected or about science and futuristic stuff or it could have no science but it would have lots of information about the future and things about the future.


Its about two people in love in in a book or series.


Its talking about someones life by someone else or third person point view about someones life.