Smart Desk

Education for the Future

Business Plan

Smart Desk Industries will contribute towards the education system of all participating school districts in the country. We are requesting $500,000 for a 15% stake.

We have a merger with Dell Computer Tech to help us build each Smart Desk for the price of $150 per unit. If we could sell each Smart Desk at a price of $300 per unit for schools nationwide.

Advantages Of Smart Desk

Type of Business

Smart Desk Industries is a partnership between Mike and Pablo so they get a split share of profits from Smart Desk which is evenly distributed amongst workers.

Advertising and Marketing

We have ideas for commercials and other advertisements ready to be aired on national TV to attract school districts' eyes. We also actively call around school district to school district in the country asking if they would be interested in participating in a Smart Desk Demo where one classroom gets a free pair of Smart Desks for teachers and students to use alike as a resource. If they are pleased by the experience (which they will be) they'll come back for more.

Through this method of test marketing, one school district will buy our product, giving the district an edge over the others therefore creating a demand for our product. We just need the funds to mass produce the product to get started.