6D's Inquiry

Design By Casey


How will you create it?

I will create my products by following a method and putting in all of the required ingredients. I will also design my products by step by step and not try and go ahead and to fast of myself.

What process will you use?

I will use the process of following a recipe to correctly complete my products. I am going to use this process so that I can correctly make my product. If this process doesn’t work I will use another recipe to correctly complete my products.

What do you need to create your products?

I will need the ingredients of; 1 cup sodium Bicarbonate, ½ an cup of citric acid, some witch hazel, few drops of scented oil and food colouring and finally some glitter to make my bath bombs.

For my lip scrub I will need; 1 table spoon sugar, dash of honey to make the sugar stick together and small container. For my body scrub I will need; medium sized jar, Epsom salts to fill jar ¾ of the way full, squeeze lemon juice and some coconut/ olive oil to dampen Epsom salts.

To make the lip balm/ lip tint I will need; Vaseline, some food die and a small container. Finally to make the edible lip stick I will need; white chocolate, lip stick container and optional food die.