The 1930's pop culture

By: Mackenzie Wigginton


Famous singers and actors were very popular in the 1930's. Common singers such as Glenn Miller, Willie Walker and more were listened to by people on a daily basis. It was an era for Swing music and Jazz. People also composed music relating to the Blues.


Actors and Actresses in films were also very big, such as Clark Gable, James Stewart and Paul Muni. Famous stories such as, The Wizard of OZ and Snow White were also created. Sometimes movies were displayed in public and in towns to draw in people. Some thought of it as an escape from the Great Depression.

The actors

Clothing and common trends


Most woman wore skirts and dresses following their natural waist line. Femininity was a large aspect in the girl clothing. Men wore nice clothing, such as fedoras and double breasted coats.

The Great Depression

A worldwide Great Depression was spreading because of lack of money. It influenced most pop culture in the time era. It affected music, and the fashion, and the films.