How Brazilians Work

The Brazilian Holiday's

Brazilians celebrate New Years, Carnival Sat-Tues, Independence Day, Teachers Day, All Souls Day, Lovers Day , Good Friday, Easter Sunday [Ets]. Brazilians keep celebrating these holiday's every year.I will use Easter Sunday.Brazil celebrates it a little different then us So, Easter Sunday is celebrated on Sunday April 5. On Easter Sunday, Brazilians celebrate it by celebrating god rising from the dead
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Brazils goegraphy

  • In 1538, The first Africans arrive as slaves in Brazil.
  • In 1542, The first Europeans explored the Amazon River
  • 64 percent of Brazil is Roman Catholic
  • Brazil's population is 202,656,788
  • Some of Brazilians are Portuguese
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The Natural Resources Brazil

  • Some of them are coffee,oranges,bananas,wheat,soybeans,corn,cocoa,beef,pork,and rice.
  • The Energy Brazil uses is 2,437.96 kilowatts
  • The Oil Brazil uses every day is 151 barrels
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Environmental Issues

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Oil
  • Petroleum

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