Students Should Pick Their Classes


I think that students should be able to pick their own connection classes. Why? Because it would help the students with their grades. Sure you can pick chorus or band but that’s only in 6th grade. If you don’t pick one in 6th grade you can’t choose again. I think this should be changed because some kids realize it could help them in the future or they like to play instruments. Also, if you’re a new student they don’t give you the options of that and they should because the student could have come from where they were really good at singing or playing an instrument and now they don’t have that opportunity. Students should be able to pick other connection classes other than chorus or band. In high school you pick your own classes, and middle school is suppose to be preparing you for high school, right? I think that if students were able to pick their own connection classes then they would do better with their grades. They would choose a class they like or are good at and if there are too many students in one class they can pick another class they like. If students were able to pick their own classes they would choose classes they like and if they like it then they will try harder. A lot of the reasons students now are failing connections is because they don’t like it so they don’t try. If students were able to pick their own connections this would all change.