Digital Silk Printing

Silk Printing

Print your success story with digital silk printing!

If you are reading this, then it is quite possible that you are looking for ways to enhance your production capacities that will greatly enhance your output and profits. You might have examined a few machines in stores and browsed for even more on the World Wide Web, but that hasn’t stopped you from seeking more information about ways and means to increase your production efficiency. Right …aren’t we?

Well, then this article is for you as digital textile printing with sophisticated machines translates into low production costs and short print runs for customers who do not have access to these machines.

Some of these machines have no minimum volume restrictions and are very useful in developing dummy prototypes that can be sent to the clients for approval. Once the approval comes through large print runs can be carried out as most of these machines have use waterproof and fade resistant inks and these are suitable for printing materials for both large and extra large format printing.

The future is silk…

Digital silk printing is also gaining momentum as users now prefer silk, given the multifarious uses of the fabric for both personal and commercial use. Apart from silk, even polyester is gaining in popularity because it lends itself perfectly to digital printing. Whether you want it for flags, banners, exhibition graphics, in-store graphics or for any other use polysester fabrics can be given very pleasing colors and it is the main reason why garment manufacturers have invested heavily in producing printed fabrics with consistently reliable colours.

Wider and faster…

Yes that’s what competition does as manufacturers across the globe are now producing wider and faster machines in order to cater to the exacting demands of customers. Since the colors used are reliable, it is possible to print large volumes of fabrics at lower costs and then cut them into smaller pieces for selling at retail outlets.

Digital textile printing
has become the backbone of the advertizing industry as it is now being used to make posters, signanges, canvas, acrylic prints, advertizing bill boards, hoardings, building and vehicle wraps.

Digital = Success

Think of the sea change that digital textile printing has brought about. Earlier, if the design went wrong, the painter had to make the design all over again but now if the design goes wrong or the color scheme is not liked by the client, all it is required is a simple tweaking on the computer screen and lo and behold….the new design is ready.

This has given rise to on-demand and short-run color printing that minimizes risk and is extremely cost-effective for clients.It has also led to forward integration by some suppliers who were earlier content with providing only raw fabric but have now chosen to supply finished printed fabric as it helps them shore up their bottom lines and get a stronger grip over the entire supply chain.

So, if you are a decision maker in your company then , its time you adapt quickly to the new digital textile printing techniquest that are revolutionizing the market and are sure to take your business to the next level of growth.