Suicide Prevention

Harley Hundt

Listen for Warning signs!

Some common verbal warning signs are...

- "Nobody needs me."

- "I wish I were dead."

- "I just can't go on any longer."

- "My family would be better of without me."

- "I want to die."

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Non-verbal warning signs...

- Depression

- They become extra sensitive to what others say and do

- Personality changes

- Neglect of appearance

- Giving away possessions

- Withdrawal from family, friends, and social activites

- When you see warning signs, don't ignore them.

- When you see people struggling show them you care and help them.

- Build up their confidence.

- Just being nice is always helpful.

- Compliments can make somebody's day.

Help is always around!

- Parents are always a good choice

- Teachers and Guidance Counselors

- Professional help

- Call suicide hotlines

- Talk to people you know who care about you