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Kelly Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

U.S. is unfair

The US and Cuba have never really got along. The US made a platt on Cuba, which limited their treaties and said that the US could intervene in affairs and sell and lease their land. How is this fair? The US doesn't care. The US even took Guantanamo Bay and has establishment of Cuba's naval base. For an amount of time, the US and Cuba didn't talk, or trade. Now Obama is talking to Cuba and of course Raul Castro demanded for Guantanamo Bay back, or else he didn't know why they would even talk. Then the US, trying to make an unfair deal yet again, says that they will remove barriers to US travel, and remittances and exports to Cuba would be legal. Of course they would not give back Guantanamo Bay though. Cuba said its welcomes to the US for making some deals, but is the US still really being fair? The answer is no.
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Roaring 20's feature story

Robert Tyre Jones Jr. also known as Bobby Jones was born in Atlanta Georgia, and lived from March 17th,1902-December 18th,1971. He was the first American amateur golfer, and a lawyer by profession. He was the most successful golfer to compete on a national and international level, his best years being from 1923-1930. Bobby Jones had the perfect-picture swing of every golfers dreams, despite never taking a lesson. Some of his greatest accomplishments were winning the US Amateur Championships at the age of 14 and winning the grand slam. He dominated at the top level of his competition and was successful against the worlds best golfers. Jones retired from golf at the age of 29, never going professional. He never earned any money from golf until he began making films after his retirement. Bobby Jones is a great success in Americas history.
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