Trainer tips

How to be a healthier person

5 rules of performance nutrition

1. Always eat atleast 5 times a day.

2.In planning each of your dailey meals, a calorie ratio of approximately 1 part fat, 2 parts protein, and 3 parts carbohydrate is a good place to begin.

3. Ask yourself what you are going to be doing for the next 3 hours of your life. If you train, eat more carbohydrates. If you nap, eat fewer carbohydrates. In other terms, adjust your carbohydrates up or down depending upon energy output.

4. You cannot lose fat quickly and efficiently unless you are in a negative calorie balance. Neither can you gain muscle tissue quickly and efficiently unless you are in a positive calorie balance.So you must alternate periods of negative and periods of positive calorie balances.

5. It is almost impossible to get all of the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy and active from the food alone, particularly if you are on a diet. It is important to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, and other carefull selected substances.


A. Pasta, bread, potatoes, corn are simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are salad, pizza, steak, burgers etc.

B. Glycemic Index- the relative degree to which blood sugar increases after the consumption of food. It can apply to what you eat because it tells you if it raises your blood glucose levels or not

C. Fiber- is a compound that only plants contain; it is never in animal foods. It is beneficial because fiber slows the rate that sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream



A. Amino acids- building blocks of life. they are classified as essential, conditionally essential, and non- essential.

B. Both essential and non-essential both play a major role in performance and recovery.

C. Protein- is a organic compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Casein protein- slow digestion, anti-catabolic effect and high amino acid content

D. Anabolism- the synthesis of complex molecules in living organisms

Catabolism- the breakdown of complex molecules in living organisms

E. It is the healthiest to divide your protein consumption inot 5 to 6 meals evenly spaced out


A. Fats can be your ally because fats fight the breakdown of muscle tissue, conserves branched-chain amino acids, and enhances fat loss

B. Cholesterol is beneficial because it hleps digestion, horomones, and helps your vitamins.

C. MCT's contain glycerol estsers of 8 and 10 carbons 95% with neligible C12