Mandel's Magnificent Students


We continued reading passages and learning test taking skills to prepare for the PARCC test. The last week before break we read an article about the rise of tacos and the history of hamburgers from Storyworks. As a class we worked on comparing and contrasting the two delicious types of food and the history behind them.

Coming up in April: We are going to start reading a novel called Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This is a historical fiction novel that takes place during World War II and the Holocaust time period.


In the month of March our class continued to practice solving problems to prepare for the PARCC test.

We also worked on finding the volume of rectangular prisms using unit cubes and formulas. Our class is participating in March Madness on Ten Marks. I told my Math that I will have a pizza party for the top two Math students that complete the most amount of questions on Jam Session with a 80% or higher accuracy.

*We finally finished our Math Quick Fire with Allie vs. Stephanie. Stephanie won and had to face off against me. It was close, but Stephanie pulled if off and beat me! Congratulations to both girls for their quick thinking mathematician skills.

Coming up in April: Geometry 2 Dimensional Figures

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Students were presented with the challenge to create a go-cart that can travel at least 2 meters and we kept track to see whose go-cart traveled the furthest. The students did an excellent job working together and designing their go-carts with the materials provided.

Coming up in April: We will switch back over to Social Studies and start studying slavery and the events the lead to the Revolutionary War.


In the month of March, we were very busy writers! We finished another letter to our pen pals at the University of Iowa and are patiently waiting to hear back from them.

Our current writing project will take us a while because the students are hard at work to create their own magazine on the research topic of their choice. Mr. Marquis, our school librarian, challenged the fifth graders to create more non-fiction magazines that he can add to our school library for students to check out. The fifth grade teachers will pick ten magazines to be placed in the library that will be bar coded.

This assignment requires students to research a topic and write five articles based on the five text structures (cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast, description, and sequence). On top of researching and writing their articles students have to add text features (subtopics, sidebars, graphs, photographs, captions, etc) to make their magazine look as authentic as possible.

I hope that the students will be finished by open house so you all can see their hard work!!

Upcoming Events

4/2 WCJH Music Concert Field Trip in a.m. 9:15-10:45

4/3 No School Good Friday

4/7 MAP testing begins (Students will take Reading, Math, and Language Usage) Once we get a schedule students will write down the dates in their agendas.

4/23 Open House @ 6:30

4/30 No School Teacher Plan Day

5/1 No School Teacher Institute Day

5/5 Palatine Fire House Station Field Trip (Permission form coming soon)