The Election of 1824

The 10th Election of America

The Candidates

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy was the son of John Adams, a previous president.

The Results

Andrew Jackson

Electoral - 99 Popular - 151,271

John Quincy Adams

Electoral - 84 Popular - 113,122

William H. Crawford

Electoral - 41 Popular - 40,856

Henry Clay

Electoral - 37 Popular - 47,531

According to the results, Andrew Jackson had both the most popular and electoral votes. However, he did not have the thirty-two point lead he needed on John Quincy Adams. Therefore, there was a tie!

The Tie Breaker

To resolve the issue, the election was turned over to the House of Representatives. In the Constitution it stated that only the top three candidates could be running. So Henry Clay was officially out of the election.
After every vote was accounted for, the results were such: John Quincy Adams had won with thirteen states voting for him, Andrew Jackson was second with seven states, and William H. Crawford came in third with only four states voting for him.

The Corrupt Bargain

Many people believed that the only reason Adams won was because of Henry Clay. Clay was the Speaker of the House at the time and Adams appointed him Secretary of State when he was president. It is very possible that Adams "traded" with Henry Clay to become president. Many Americans thought so and this might have had to do with the fact that Adams never got reelected.
Election of 1824