The Activist

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There isn't a set of guidelines to being an activist

There are those prone to violence, anger, and bloodshed, the antagonist

Riots, destruction, and brutality

However, for their goal, do these methods work in reality

Contrarily, out of the spotlight, seen only when sought out

Are the peacemakers, yes, that’s what he is about

Armed only with intelligence and passion

Molotov cocktails, guns, and fists prove unnecessary for his satisfaction

His weapon of choice, a fiery heart

His cause, “Black Lives Matter!” never willing to part

Skillful with diction, his brain a most prized possession

Determined to free these people from unfair suppression

Speaking his mind on a daily basis

Yet staying humble, not overwhelmingly ostentatious

Toiling restlessly to reach his objective

Would you be able to see from his perspective?

Surrounding himself with a community sharing the same conviction

Power in numbers, in this case, a very true prediction

A tender-hearted fellow, it’s evident to see

His only wish, to spread equality



The character I chose represents not just one significant moral, but a multitude of exemplary principles. Not only are the lessons taught by his story noteworthy, but they are applicable to today’s society. Just a few examples of the morals represented in this tale are, “Violence is never the answer,” “Do not judge a book by it’s cover,” and, “Overcoming inequality.” What has been the hot topic on every news channel? The very first post on your social media page. Even headlining in the newspapers at every doorstep. Controversy regarding racial inequality. Watching the news myself these matters of contention always seem to appall me the most. It’s hard for me to fathom people who can still see others as lower life forms, although, I do understand it has much to do with one's upbringing. My tale highlights how some people have an automatic tendency to suspect African Americans because of the stereotype portrayed in the news. Yes, there are radicals who give every faction a bad name. However, as a society we need to learn to not let the media skew what is really the bona fide truth. In a perfect world the media would simply project a neutral standpoint on all news! Alas, there will always be a bias. Because of the substantial amount of embellished truth broadcasted for all to see, many people join the cause not fully understanding that organizations intentions. The product of this action leads to many individuals “representing” this association falsely. Another reason, small but important I believe, is how my character took a risk by moving to an unfamiliar place by himself to pursue his dreams. I myself am planning on doing just this. Putting yourself out there to gain independence is seemingly not what the majority chooses, especially if you happen to be from a smaller community. Being surrounded by generation after generation being pressured into staying on the safe side, putting off their dreams, can have a serious toll on our youths confidence. We must encourage our adolescence to reach for the sky. Have some courage to try something nobody else has before. Mentioned only briefly in the tale, yet something a lot of us can relate to, is the sacrifice of a parent. My character was blessed with a compassionate, hardworking mother and grandmother. In today's society divorce has become a rising issue. More and more single parents struggle to put their kids through college, especially in the African American community. The sacrifices these single parents choose to make for their children is not recognized enough. Notice I use the word, “choose,” in the previous sentence. These parents are not forced to give up everything for their offspring, but out of love and commitment they aim to provide a better life for their family. Hard work can get you anywhere you want, some people are not exposed to this idea when they are younger therefore the assumption is that they can only have what is within their “limitations.” Dream big.
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