Heart Transplants

Carly Mantia

  • Steve Jobs- Liver Transplant
  • George Lopez- Kidney Transplant
  • Natile Cole- Kidney Transplant
  • Tracy Morgan- Kidney Transplant
  • Sarah Hyland- Kidney Transplant
  • Sean Elliot- Kidney Transplant
  • Dick Chaney (VP 2011)- Heart Transplant


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Diseases That Lead to Heart Transplants

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  • 800,000 people on the transplant list
  • 5,000 heart transplants performed annually
  • Hearts typically last 15 to 20 years
  • 90% survival rate
  • 220,500 people saved by heart transplants
  • 1,234,800 people saved by organ transplants, made possible by heart transplants

Reasons Why Heart Transplants Should Make the Wall

  1. It has saved 1,234,800 people
  2. It led to other forms of organ transplant
  3. Kids like Trevor would continue to die