Panther Updates

November 30th- December 4th

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. Every Learner- Every Day

Staff Party- December 18th

Please plan to enjoy breakfast and a couple games starting at 8:30 in the library before heading back to your classroom for PW.

We will be having a White Elephant Ornament exchange. Please bring a wrapped ornament to play our game.

Tuesday's Big Givers

Team Moody

January Growth Plan Meetings

I am not asking you to schedule a time with me yet but letting you know that in January we will sit down to discuss your progress on your personal growth plan and the action steps you have taken thus far. We will simply set down at a table close the computer and I'll just listen to you walk me through your progress so far this year.

If you need help uploading any documents to TOWER please let me know. Some of you have had items, screen shots, anecdotla records, you have already loaded but just let me know if you need help.

Don't forget to submit your November Student of the Month by Friday

Week at a Glance

Monday 30th- Welcome Back

Tuesday 1st- Picture Retake Day- Only students who have picture packets will retake. I will come to your classroom and ask for student who have packets. If there are any staff members who missed the first pictures please take your picture at this time.

Holt out @ DR. in the PM. PL Rescheduled PL Moved to December 8th @ 3:50pm- Matt Rosebrough- Lexia Training
Wednesday 2nd- Math Meetings

Thursday 3rd- 1st Grade Performance @ 6pm, Rehearsal 1:15, ALL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE @ 2pm

Friday 4th-

LEXIA Usage Goal Window of Fame

Starting this week when your students reach their weekly Lexia reading goals please send them to the office with a buddy (for supervision). Students will get to sign their name to the window of the interior doors with an expo worker. (We will clean the windows weekly)

iReady Testing Window is Here- Finish before the 17th.

3-5 grade teachers- You may schedule your tests anytime you would like and test in your classroom since you have chromebooks.

k-2 Teachers- Please schedule a time in the next three weeks with Mrs. Schlueter to test in the lab on the chromebooks.

Lunch Table Fight

So it wasn't much of a fight. The lunch table won. If you haven't heard, I am injury prone. In late October before school I lifted one of the tables left over from primetime to its closed and locked position. Turns out that in so doing I hurt my elbow. After and x-ray and MRI they have found that I have a moderate tear in my common flexor tendon near the spot it connects to my elbow. I am sharing this with you because as the injury occurred at worked and is filed with workman’s comp I have to attempt I have to attend appointments when they are scheduled. At the current time the surgeon wants me to attempt physical therapy three times per week to see if we can recoup movement and reduce pain. The reason I share all of this is that the latest the appointments would be made was at 3pm in M,W, F. So if anything occurs at the end of the days on MWF you will need to notify Ms. Traci and Mr. Greiner.

Leadership Survey Released Soon from HR

Similar to last yera the HR department will be sending out a performance survey in the next month. This survey will have questions about district or system as a whole and also about me. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that it will be coming soon.
Hugh Jackman's Teacher Interview
Portland has another Tweet of the Week!

Upload Your Classroom Photos Please

I have shared a link via Google and in the link below. Any time you take photos of your class please upload them below when you have a chance. We will use all of these photos to upload and share on our hallway tvs, at Panther Pride Assemblies, on Portland's facebook, and for our year book.

The link to our Portland Photos is below.
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