A Guide To Bunburying

By: Lexi Whitecotten

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is when you use an imaginary/made-up person to get out of having responsibilities or to lead a double life. Bunburying is quite clever to be honest. You just make up some random imaginary person, and when you are supposed to do something you just use that person as an excuse to get out of it. You could also act like that made-up person and have a whole other life, it could be the total opposite of your real life if you wanted.

Why Would Somebody Want to Bunbury?

Somebody would want to Bunbury if they had a lot of responsibilities or thought that they had a boring life. That person could lead another lifestyle. Say that you wanted a life where nothing mattered, and you could do whatever you wanted to do, Bunburying is a solution to that!

Step 1 to Bunburying

The first step to Bunburying would be to make up a life that you wanted. Create a fake name and personality for this person. You need to have a totally different lifestyle for this person to have.

Step 2 to Bunburying

Step 2 to Bunburying is to get another phone, address, and appearance. When people need to get a hold of you, you cant have the same phone number or address for two different people. If you have the same appearance then you wouldn't really have a second identity. Maybe you could get a mustache or a wig, have a totally different wardrobe. Just make sure you don't look like yourself at all.

Step 3 to Bunburying

Don't make friends. The less friends you have, the less you will get close to being caught. Your second identity should be pretty anti-social, if you don't want to get caught. Say that you had plans with somebody as yourself, and your second identity has plans at the same time, you would get caught up in situations like this a lot if your second identity had lots of friends.

Step 4 to Bunburying

Have really good memory.Remember which person you're being obviously. Remember to take off your other identities disguise. If you don't remember key things like this, you WILL be caught.

You're Ready to Bunbury!

Good luck on your Bunburying experience. Be sure to follow these rules, because if you don't, this will not workout for you. I hope you enjoy leading your double life.