Social skills PSA

by: Hannah, Claudia, Matthew, and Jarrett

Group work is important?

Group work is important because the work is done by the group. You cannot have anything done, if you don't have good group chemistry. Without the cooperation of every group member, their won't be any work being done.

Group work is important because everyone can share their ideas. Group work is important because everyone has to work together for anything to get done. when students are in groups the teachers will have an easier time teaching the students what to do and the other group members will help the other members if they need assistance.

Why social skills are important

Social skills are important because with out it we wouldn't socialize and we wouldn't be able to present in front of the classrooms.

Social skills are important because we wouldn't be able to get the news around without them.

Social skills are important when we need to find a job and we have an interview.

"Ipads will be a good thing for this school as long as the teachers use them properly." -Hannah Braem

"Ipads will be the downfall of humanity." -Matt Rockefeller

"IPads will be a good use if we still have some assignments with out using the iPads once in a while." - Claudia Castelan

"Ipads will decide our fate" -Jarrett Wiener


When we get Ipad's it will be an important transition for the teachers. if they almost stop teaching and make it all individual work then the students will lose some social skills that is needed to communicate in school. If teachers make projects in groups and they base it around ipads and pen and paper we think the ipads will succeed in improving our education.
The Importance of Social Skill