Westward Expansion Times

By:Ethan R.,Ethan s.

What event took place?

Elizabeth Brown Henly died February 1, 1839 in Little Rock Arkansas. She died of severe frost bit injuries, pneumonia, and exposure to cold. When she was in the middle of a snow storm she gave up her blanket to a little kid and died a little later because of the cold.

The trail of tears

Along the way 4000 people died including Quatie Ross. The trail of tears was once known as the place where they cried.


Elizabeth brown Henley died on the trail of tears by exposure to cold. She gave her blanket up to kid during snow storm to keep him warm, but she got to cold and died of frost bite like injuries and extreme exposure to cold.

John Ross and Quatie Ross

Quatie Ross had a husband,her husband was John Ross the chief of the Cherokee tribe. John Rosses tribe was forced to move from their tribe ,they were forced to move for land and money.