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Computing Module

Planet Sherston's Computing module is jam-packed with 10 adventures and almost 200 activities that are perfect for learners aged from 3 to 11. Planet Sherston transforms delivery of the new 2014 Computing curriculum into a games-based experience that gives context to learning and maximises pupils' retention of learning, motivating them to continue doing their best - even when learning is tough!

Subscriptions to Planet Sherston's Computing module start from just £199 per year covering Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. For more information, complete the form at the bottom of this page, freephone 0800 2585992 or e-mail!

Computer Programing (Coding)

With the help of our fantastic adventures and activities, your school will be able to deliver all of the tricky-to-teach programming objectives of the new Computing curriculum - without expensive software or costly CPD!

E-Safety and the World Wide Web

Transform your pupils from web novices to responsible electronic citizens with informative videos and engaging activities that deliver essential e-safety knowledge and help your pupils to make sense of the digital world around them.

Excel in the Electronic World!

Computing isn't just about programming and e-safety - it's about problem-solving and being able to use technology effectively. Sherston Software have over 30 years of experience in teaching children to use computers - whether it's spreadsheets or databases, we've got you covered!

FREE Home Access!

Subscribe to Planet Sherston's Computing module and your teachers and pupils will benefit from access both at school and from home. This makes Planet Sherston the perfect way for your pupils to continue their learning after school and allows parents to share in the learning experience!
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