The Tar-pamlico

Hannah martin, Skyy nunn


Roxboro, Washington, pamlico sound. The headwaters is located in granville county. The mouth is located in the Pamlico Sound.

mileage and population

The river and streams consist of 6,148 square miles. The population is 472,629 people.

Important land masses

  • Mattamusket Lake (Largest national lake)
  • Pitt County (largest tobacco-producing county)
  • Beaufort County (number one producer of corn, wheat, and sorghum)
  • Pocosin Lakes and Swanquarters (combine to make a safe haven)
  • National Wildlife Refuge

Non-point source problem and solution


  • Farmland runoff
  • Timber operations
  • Urban Areas


  • Have some sort of system to close the runoff from farms, and make the rural areas cleaner.

point source problem and solution


  • Grouth of algae and increase in dying fish


  • Have something to clean out algae, such as an algae eater or a machine to get rid of it
  • Find out why the fish are dying and try to prevent it

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Blue Crab

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Canada Geese (Only in the Winter)