Global Play Day Is Tomorrow!

Fun in First Grade

Learning with Mrs. Ackenbom's Littles


Tomorrow our class and others at CRES, will be participating in Global Play Day.

Global School Play Day is about raising awareness about the importance of unstructured play in a child’s social, educational, and emotional development. We will be having more play time than usual this day…however, that does not mean your child won’t be learning. The children will not be using technology or any toys that require batteries during play time. We will have guided play time with math and literacy games, imaginative play time with student-made gingerbread puppets to go with our Jan Brett author study, and share what they like to play at home. *We will still have our normal literacy instruction but also include some structured literacy games.

If you are interested in learning more about why this important and how it relates to education I would encourage you to visit There are also links to the research behind this movement.

We have more than enough games and fun activities planned for tomorrow but if you child wishes, students in our class are also welcome to bring a toy from home to share/play with others. It cannot have electricity or batteries. Please only send in a toy that your child is willing to share with others (favorites or sentimental toys should stay home).

I’m looking forward to this day! The students will reflect at the end of the day and the following day about what they learned by playing. I will send pictures of problem-solving and cooperation I observe during they day in our normal weekly newsletter.