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Ship Service In Hong Kong, Hong Kong Reel Sea Ship Service

Different Types of Shipping Services Businesses Opt For

For proper working and maintenance of ships, hiring of ship service in Hong Kong and in other cities from independent shipping service providers is a common practice. These service providers take care of all kinds of shipping services and repairs required for the proper running of a ship.

Below is a list of the various kinds of shipping services offered by the service organizations.

Various Types of Shipping Services Are:

• Complete voyage and topside repairs for ocean going vessels, such as the mobile offshore drilling units (rig) and offshore structures (rig).

• Steel repairs for collision damage and steel renewals.

• Steel fabrication for the pressure vessels and new installation.

• On board overhauls and mechanical repairs.

• Overhaul and reconditioning of the diesel components of engine.

• Rewinding of the motor and the electrical generator.

• Finding of electrical faults in the ship and repairing it.

• Ship boiler repair and maintenance services including pressure tests, re-tubing on main and auxiliary boilers, chemical cleaning, heating coils, economizer repairs, refractory and insulation services.

• Marine welding services, such as gouging, TIG, welding of electrodes.

• Vessel pipe work services, which include project engineering and planning, fabrication and maintenance and repair of all piping systems.

• Naval architecture services, which include initial surveys, preliminary drawings, design from concept to commissioning, calculations for class approval etc.

• Marine mechanical services that include the servicing of main engines, repairing of gas turbines and turbochargers, repairing of propellers and thrusters and overhauling of valves.

• Steel services for ships, include repair and construction and repair of steel structures, miscellaneous structural and the plate work, fabrication of plate work of the hulls, ships, double bottoms and ballast.

• Electrical services for vessels include re-routing or removal of interference, planning and reading of the electrical components, reconditioning, maintenance and modification.

Employing the above mentioned shipping services from the service organizations is absolutely essential for the proper maintenance and running of shipping. Thus, avail the service of Hong Kong Reel Sea Ship Service Co. Ltd for all repair needs and to keep a ship in the top most condition and running properly.