Between Shades of Gray

Ruta Sepetys


MY book between Shades of Gray is about a real story. The book is set in 1941 when jews where taken from there homes and put in labor camps. People went in there houses and broke things .At the labor camps people where killed and they had to work and do hard things. when people did some thing bad in those labor camps they would be put in those labor camps.


Lina Vilkas : lina was taken from here family when she was 16 ,Jonas: Vilkas lina's younger bother ,Elena Vilkas :Elena is lina and Jonas mom ,Kostas Vilkas,Andrius Arvydas,Mrs. Arvydas,Nikolai Kretzsky,Mr. Stalas,Janina,Joana,Dr. Samodurov,Dr. Samodurov,Mr. Lukas,Mr. Lukas
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Ethan Stewart-Whitney

I like this book because it makes you think about the holocaust

I think people should read the book because it is a very good book