Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Class

September 13, 2013

Goal Notebooks

Your child will be bringing home their Goal Notebook every Friday. Please make sure it is returned on Monday so it can be used to help us learn throughout the day. In this notebook you will find items that correlate with the goals your child is working on inside sheet protectors. These are things you can help your child with over the weekend. Behind those are tabs. Each tab is for tracking our learning in a specific subject in school. Right now we only have math and sight words that we are tracking. It is so much fun to see your child take charge of their own learning, know exactly what they need to be practicing, and which goals they have met!


We will be working very hard on finding the missing part. We will use a part part whole board to help us find the missing part to our problems. We will also be learning how to write a subtraction problem. This unit can be very challenging so please look over the math papers coming home to see if your child needs help. Our learning target is: I can represent and solve problems with subtraction.

Feel free to continue reading and writing numbers up to 120 and solving simple addition problems. My website has a lot to help! Go to math and then either numbers, addition, addition story problems, subtraction, or subtraction story problems.


We will be focusing on capital letters and punctuation when writing a sentence. We will also be focusing on handwriting. If you child comes home with a note about neatness on their paper, please take the time to have them practice by filling in the remaining lines on their paper. Our learning target is: I can use conventions when writing.

Also, feel free to visit my website and go to the writing tab. There are some fun games in green.


We are learning about the scientific method and making observations. We will be having a lot of fun using our five senses to help us make observations.

Reading / Phonics

We will be learning the remaining vowels on Vowel Town. We will be learning about the vowels that live in the R apartment.

  • The /er/ sisters live on the third floor. (er, ir, ur)
  • /ar/ - Arty the apartment manager is a pirate and likes to say "Arrr".
  • /or/ - He lives on the bottom floor by the door.

Your child is now learning to say Vowel Town in order, say the sounds as I point to random places on Vowel Town, and begin spelling the sounds. This is something you can practice at home when your child brings home their Goal Notebook.


  • We have snack every day at 2:00.
  • We go to the library on Thursday mornings. Please leave your child's library books in their backpack so they can trade every week.
  • The Walkathon is Friday, September 27. Please make sure your child has tennis shoes for that day.


Monday - PE

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - PE

Friday - Art