The Untouchables

by Caitlin Mino

About the Untouchables

The Untouchables were the lowest class- if anyone even considered them a class- in the Caste System. They were not considered human, and were sent to do the jobs that other people did not want to do. For example, they would clean the sewers and do very dangerous jobs because people did not care if they were hurt or killed.


Life as an Untouchable

If you were an untouchable, you were born into your class and there was no way of being moved up. You were sent to do the jobs no one wanted or the jobs that were too dangerous, like cleaning the sewers. You were not considered human if you were an untouchable, and were often beaten and made fun of for their social stature. There were severe punishments for wrong doing, and you were often put to death even for non serious issues just because of your social position. You were often very unhealthy and starving and rarely had good medical attention or a good meal.