Augmented Reality

What is Aurasma?

Aurasma is the world’s leading augmented reality platform. Available as a free app for iPhones, iPads and high-powered Android devices or as a kernel for developers, Aurasma uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations called “Auras”.


Some terms to know

aura- an image, object, or place seen through Aurasma App to present a digital experience

trigger image- the image that activates the aura (png or jpg)

overlay- digital content activate when Aurasma recognizes the trigger images (a video, photo, animation, etc.)

channel- group of aura that others may "follow"

private- can only be accessed by those who have been sent a link

public- anyone can search for your content

You can use the mobile app or the web-based Aurasma Studio to create your auras.

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Aurasma Project

This video shows the aura we created from an iMovie project in second grade. The students drew the pictures, we imported to iMovie, they recorded their voices, and we added them to the Aurasma channel. Parents can "follow" our channel and use their mobile device to view the movie.

Using Aurasma in the classroom

What sort of things can I do with it for my classroom?

  • Take a historical figure. Make them come alive
  • Have images in your physical workbooks link to revision notes or more reading articles
  • Create an immersive nature table – notes that bring objects alive
  • Create simple language tags – major objects in your language lab can be titled so when the iPad is pointed at it, instant translation
  • School tour – by pointing a device at your school, play a video walk through of the school
  • Link to revision notes, articles, videos
  • Create AR treasure hunts
  • Point an iPad at equipment in your technology lab, show a virtual manual as a reminder of how to use
  • Create immersive worksheets – images that play videos, talk and come alive


A TED talk explaining Aurasma

Matt Mills: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality

Prezi Presentation on Aurasma in the Classroom by Matt Hollowell


I created this aura. It links to a video about photosynthesis. Students would use their device to scan the image and view the video. I used a textbook as the trigger image.

View this dollar through the Aurasma App.

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I did not create this aura.