Heard Of The Herd?

Bishop Miege High School

We're Miege The Mighty Stags!

Welcome to the best High School experience in Kansas City. Miege has a welcoming community, and here everyone feels like they're at home. We like to think of our student body as one family growing, working, and helping one another. So come see what Bishop Miege is all about. We can't wait to meet you next school year. Go Stags Go!
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Outside of the Classroom...

Bishop Miege offers ways to get involved outside of the classroom through over 40 different clubs/activities, including Campus Ministry Team (CMT), musicals, and over 15 athletic departments to become a part of.


Not only does this High School have sports, we also have many other extra activities for you to enjoy. We have fall musicals and plays throughout the year if you love Theater. We have a robotics team that competes frequently, and builds amazing machines. Miege has multiple clubs such as Page Pirates, a book club, The Herd, a spirit club, an Art club you can join that is lead by our art teacher Mr. Mueller, and many, many more!

About Us

We're Miege the mighty stags! We're here to take it all. We're gonna fight to win this game tonight and here's our victory call GO BIG RED!! We've got spirit, power, and might. We've got strength and plenty of fight. We'll! Win! This game tonight! Bishop Miege the mighty Stags! GO STAGS!!!!!!!!
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Bishop Miege High School "We Are Miege"

We are Miege

Video Credits to: Faculty, Student Body, and Development Office