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The PE Newsletter

Hi Goodrich families!

I hope your 2016 has had a great start!

In this newsletter you will find information on:

  • Recess!
  • What's going on?
  • Kindergarten Korner
  • The Golden Sneaker Award
  • P.E. All Stars


It is still WINTER out there! But we have been very fortunate this winter with the lack of snow and not too many sub-zero days... so far... and yes, I knocked on wood!

This is just a reminder that even though it has been a little bit milder so far this winter, we still need your children to have proper winter clothing.

Please make sure your child has:

  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Winter SNOW Boots

I COMPLETELY understand if your family cannot provide those things for your kids, and if that is the case please let us know.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions about recess!

What's going on?

We are near the end of our dance and basketball units.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades are officially done with dance and they TOTALLY rocked the square dancing we did this year! It was really fun to teach them and watch them all dance together! Over the next week or so we will be finishing basketball, doing a bunch of skill stations and a few lead up games.

4th, 5th and 6th Grades are currently in my favorite part of the dance unit - making up their own dances! I put them in groups, they create their own line dance, practice it and then they will perform it next week for their class! It is so fun to see what they come up with and even though each class uses they same song, none of the dances are ever the same! After their final performances we will be starting our last week of basketball.

Kindergarten Korner

We have been alternating weeks of dancing and basketball! The kids have been doing great!

We have danced using ribbon wands, scarves and just following along with the directions of the music. They are so fun and after every dance, several kids would say, "Can we do it again?!" :)

For our kindergarten basketball unit, we are just working on the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing and shooting. We do different games or spend time at stations practicing these skills.

Once we finish dancing and basketball we will move on to Jump Rope and Volleyball!


January (boot weather) was a really rough month for many students. We had a LOT of problems with students forgetting their gym shoes for P.E. This is very frustrating for me because if they are not wearing gym shoes, they cannot participate. I just do not feel it is safe to be moving around the gym without proper footwear. I totally understand sending my child to school in boots everyday, but they need gym shoes in order to be an active member of their class. If they cannot participate because of their footwear they are getting behind in the skills we are learning and are just missing out on a chance to get some exercise.

Your child is allowed to leave gym shoes at school. So if you want them to wear boots everyday, go for it! Just make sure they have a pair of shoes to change into for P.E.

Thank you!

Here is the weekly P.E. schedule so you know when your child has P.E.:

Kindergarten - Friday

1st Hall - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

1st Schulte - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

1st Kraft - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

2nd Grade – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

3rd Grade – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

4th Bator – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

4th Kraabel – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

4th Raci – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5th Brennan – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5th Doranski – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

6th Trabilsy – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

6th Watz – Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

The Golden Sneaker Award

The students gave me another GREAT problem during December! Six classes wore their gym shoes to P.E. EVERYDAY!!

December P.E. All Stars:

  • 1st Grade: Greta Jonusas, Ronny Gawlik, Aleeyah Johnson, David Whitaker, Janiya Almond, and Michael Sanchez-Pineda-Rada

  • 2nd Grade: Abby Rowe, Colin Fitzgerald, Lizbeth Orizaba, and Connor McLaughlin

  • 3rd Grade: Keily Rosario Mejias, Ivan Lagunas-Jimenez, Kallie Cannis, and Michael DeFalco

  • 4th Grade: Marissa Collazo, Matthew Lewis, Stephanie Bonga, Keith Brown, Izzy Cervantes, and Tommy Guy

  • 5th Grade: Lauren Burzynski, Reilly Cavanaugh, Analiese Bello, and Jake Cannis

  • 6th Grade: Miranda Kubek, Nicholas O'Shea, Rasleen Dhaliwal, and JT Schallmoser
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