World Religions Project

Can you figure out which religion each paragraph is about?


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1. ????????????

°This is a monotheistic religion based on God the Father, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit

°Beliefs in Heaven, Hell, afterlife judgement, Satan, & Jesus's resurrection

°Holy scripture = The Holy Bible

°Celebrates Christmas and Easter

°Day of praise is Sunday which is where they go to there church.

°approximately 2.2 billion believers

Once you believe you know what religion this is, click this link to learn more about it:

2. ?????

°This religion is said to be "The Religion of Peace" based upon Allāh

°These believers pray 5 times a day

°Holy scripture = The Qur'an

°approximately 1.6 billion believers

If you think you know what this religion is watch this rhyme about it:

Which religion are you?

How many religions can you guess correctly?

5. ???????

°This religion focuses on the relationship between the Creator, mankind, & Israel

°Holy scripture = The Tanakh

°approximately 14 million believers

Here's a video to help your accusation:


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