Come to Athens

By. Peyton Dutka

Welcome to Athens

Welcome to Athens! Here, we not only have a great education system, amazing architecture and a great government and democracy, but we also have amazing people and beliefs. Once you read about why our land is the best, you won't want to go back to Sparta, trust me!
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People in Sparta aren't very educated on things outside of military. Athens however, has a great education system. We believe that it is important to be a good solider, but we also think that it is important to learn music, art, literature, and politics. In Athens, boys are taught inside their own homes until they are six years old. Then, they are sent to school to learn to read, write and play a musical instrument. They also learn the poetry of Homer, debating, science and math, and after high school, they attend military school. Wouldn't you love to get a good education? This is why Athens is better, we not only focus on military, but we also focus on education, such as science, math, poetry, and so on. People here are so much more educated!

Social Structure

Upper Class: In Athens, you need to be a man to be considered "Upper Class." You also need to have either a high rank in the military, or no job. It is extremely rare for a family to be considered "Upper Class."

Middle Class: In Athens, the "Middle Class" people are ones who are noncitizens who can't vote or own land, or metics. A metic is a foreigner living in an ancient Greek city who had some of the privileges of citizenship. Most of the people are traders and/or merchants who live in the community because of the guarantee of getting a job and economic strength.

Lower Class: In Athens, the people in the "Lower Class" are the men who were once slaves, or had very poor families.

Slaves: It is very common to be a slave in Athens. Most families can have anywhere from 2-50 slaves helping them out and working for them around their homes. The slaves are war prisoners who were stolen as a child from their enemies and traded by other countries.

Women: In Athens, unfortunately, women are considered to be outside of the social structure. Women can't vote or own land, and they are considered to be part of whatever group that their husband is a part of.

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In Athens, the homes are designed in a very unique way. We design them so that people can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Since women don't have many rights, they usually stay in the deepest parts of the house, where people from outside can't see them. They are only allowed outside of the house with their husband's permission. Men on the other hand, usually could go wherever they want, since they have more rights and they are allowed to go outside without anyone's permission. If you choose to come to Athens, you would probably want to stay with the people in your class. For example, if you are a merchant and you want to get to know the people in your community, you should definitely stay in the front of your house, if not, outside of your property, because that's where the most activity happens. Also, since women don't have many rights, you will most likely have lots of freedom because men get all of the rights.

Transportation and Food

In Athens, the most efficient way to transport things from one place to another is by ship. But, just like all things, not everyone could afford them. Most people use chariots or they just walk places. The only people who really do have ships are the navy.

As far as food goes, we only eat things that are easily grown in our rocky environment, since we live in the mountains. We eat breakfast right after the sun rises, and we usually eat bread dipped into wine at that time. For lunch, we eat bread dipped in wine, along with figs, cheese, olives, and sometimes dried out fish. We eat dinner around sunset, and this is the most important meal of our day. At this time, we eat fruit, vegetables, fish and sometimes honey cakes. In Athens, honey is our natural sweetener.

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In Athens, we don't have one specific ruler, instead, we rule ourselves. Every 10 days, we all meet in the Pnyx, which is a hill, to vote on new laws. Now, you must be thinking that people can just commit crimes whenever and wherever they want to and get away with it. But this is where juries come in. We use juries to decide whether or not people are guilty. In court, to defend yourself, people speak on their own defense.

Athens does have generals, though. The 10 of them are called "Strategoi." Also, since we need a military, every man gets called up at least once in their lives, from the time they are 20-50 years old, for military service. Even though we aren't as violent as Sparta, we still do care about the military and the protection of our community. In Sparta, as you know, military is EVERYTHING, and I can imagine that all of the constant fighting and war would drive other citizens crazy after a while. Here in Athens, it's only a portion of our community, thoughts, and daily lives which makes for a much more peaceful and happier community.


People in Athens believe that you should be free to accomplish whatever you want to, just as long as you follow the laws of Greece. Most people do end up persuing something in the military, but some other people achieve things that have to do with arts, such as philosophy, drama and pottery. The arts are very important to the people here in Athens, because Athens is one of the first city-states of it's time, and since it was named after the goddess Athenia (goddess of wisdom) people believe that we should honor her. In Sparta, people believe that they should worship Ares, the god of war and Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. See, everything has to do with fighting and constant warfare. Here, we are much more peaceful. This is clearly the happier place to be!


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In Athens, we have something called the Olympics. This is where people compete in sports competitions. Some of these sports include, long jump, diskos, javelin throwing, wrestling, boxing, horse racing and chariot racing. These competitions are held in Olympia, Greece. People from many places near and far look forward to watching these sports competitions.

Famous Sites