A Look at our Week

Week of February 8, 2016

Looking Back...

Last week during small group we:

  • Made the letters of our names with WikiStix
  • Measured train tracks and road pieces using units like counting bears and blocks
  • Created new shapes (hexagons, diamonds, and trapezoids) from basic shapes
  • Cut out facial features from magazines to create faces
  • Used colored popcorn to make a mosaic picture - Look for these on the back entryway bulletin board this week!
  • Experimented with pom poms by moving them across the floor with our breath

Some skills we worked on last week

  • Art
  • Alphabetic Knowledge
  • Book Knowledge
  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Measuring
  • Units
  • Counting
  • Fine Motor
  • Predicting
  • Experimenting

Coming up...

This week during small group time the children will:

  • Explore movement with marbles and stretchy tubes
  • Complete letter line mazes (pull down, push across, curve around)
  • "Music paint" using bushes with bells attached
  • Make cards using various art materials and writing tools
  • Pattern with straw necklaces
  • Use shapes and glue to create scenes
  • Complete a "letter hunt" - children will search for letters in baggies of gel and glitter
  • Explore rhyming in the book "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss


No school February 15th & 16th - District Wide

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Saturday, Feb. 13th, 10am-2pm

540 Eureka Road

Wyandotte, MI

WPS Early Childhood Center